alright. It’s christmas. so, i guess your wondering what i got. Well, i got a gaming keyboard, some video games, a deck of cards, and a gaming computer.

New Channel

Me and my friend made a new channel. We will do magic tricks and tutorials. So make sure to subscribe to that channel. We have one video up currently.

Channel :

My Friend is Insane

So me and my friend were doing water bottle flips, and i flipped the bottle over the fence. You know what my friend does? He finds an opening in the fence, and he leaves school grounds for around 30 seconds, just to get the water bottle back.

At school

I posted this at school. So interesting. hi this is jude from 5-04 one of the best people on earth i my class bye. – other kid at school.


Okay. Tomorrow I’m going on vacation. I’m going to Knoxville to see some family. So, I’ll update you guys on that when I get there or whenever I get finished doing something I feel like making a post about. Welp, bye for now.

Stay active,

TheMasterGamer Simon